Hotel Management Glossary

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Pay calculated on an hourly basis.

Wake-up Device
A specially designed clock which allows multiple alarm settings to remind front desk agents or telephone operators to place wake-up calls.

To turn away guest due to lack of rooms.

Walk- In
A guest seeking a room who arrives at the hotel without an advance reservation.

A thorough examination of the property by a hotel executive, franchise inspector, prospective buyer, etc.

A situation in which a guest with a reservation is relocated from the reserved hotel to another hotel because no room was available at the reserved hotel. Or to relocate a guest with a confirmed reservation at a hotel to an alternative property.

Warm Body Syndrome
An often-used but ineffective selection technique that involves hiring (almost) anyone who applies without regard to qualifications for the vacant position.

Wide Area Telephone Service, long distance telephone lines provided at special rates to large users.

An employee or manager who reveals wrongdoing; an attempt to force the organization to cease a behavior that society finds unacceptable or to incorporate a practice that is in keeping with a new social value, if value changes in society are not voluntarily incorporated into a firm.

A clause in a franchisee agreement that grants both the franchisor and the franchisee the right, with proper notification, to terminate the agreement.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising
Informal conversations between persons as they "discuss" their positive or negative experiences at a hotel.

Work Order
A form used to initiate and document a request for maintenance.

In reference to computers, to send processed data out as information.