Hotel Management Glossary

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There are currently 36 Glossary Items in this directory beginning with the letter H.
Half Board
See also Modified American Plan.

Half-Day Rate
A special rate that typically includes 1-4 hours (but not overnight) use of the room.

Handicap Room
A room with special features designed for handicapped guests. See also ADA.

The physical equipment of a computer system. Computer hardware is visible, movable, and easy to identify.

Head Table
Special seating at a banquet reserved for guests of honor.

Headquarter Hotel
The hotel that hosts the main group of attendees during an event in which there are multiple host hotels.

See sofa bed

High Balance Account
A report which identifies guests who are approaching an account credit limit, typically prepared by the night auditor.

High Tea
A fairly substantial late afternoon or early evening meal.

The future time frame for which a property accepts reservations.

Horizontal Communication
Communication between individuals at the same organizational level.

Defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers with liberality and goodwill.

Hospitality Suites
A guest room rented by a supplier/vendor usually during conventions/ conferences to provide complimentary food and/or beverages to invited guests.

Host Hotel
A property that serves as the headquarters for a group when multiple hotels must be used to house all group members. (Headquarter Hotel)

Hosted Bars
A beverage service alternative in which the host of a function pays for beverages during all or part of the banquet event; also called an "open" bar.

Hosted Events
Functions served by a hotel, which are complimentary to invited guests because costs are borne by the event's sponsor.

Hot Spot
A Wi-Fi area that allows for high-speed wireless Internet access or other data transmission

Hotel Broker
A person who sells hotel room prize packages to corporations, sweepstakes promoters, game shows, and other sponsors.

Hotel Chain
A group of hotels with the same brand name.

Those who work in the hotel business.

House Account
An account whose entries are assessed to another hotel entity.

House Brand Beverages
Alcoholic beverages that are sold by type (scotch, gin, etc.) rather than by brand name and that are served when a call brand beverage is not requested. Sometimes referred to as "Well" brands.

House Count
An estimate of the number of guests staying in a hotel on a given day.

House Limit
A credit limit established by the hotel.

House Person
The individual responsible for the cleaning of public spaces (the house). Also sometimes referred to as a PA (public area cleaner) or porter.

House Phone
A publicly located telephone within the hotel used to call the front desk, or in some cases, the front desk and guest rooms.

House Use
A room status term indicating that the room is being used by someone on the hotel staff at no charge.

House/Convention Bureau
A reservations office which coordinates room requirements at several hotels for large conventions.

The department within the rooms division which inspects rooms for sale, cleans occupied and vacated rooms, and coordinates room status with the front office. In some hotels, the housekeeping function is considered an independent hotel division.

Housekeeping Status
See as Room Status.

Housekeeping Status Report
A report prepared by the housekeeping department which indicates the current housekeeping status of each room, based on physical check.

See House Person.

Short for human resources.

Human Relations
Skills needed to understand and effectively interact with other people.

Human Resource Management
Support activities of the value chain associated with human-based activities such as recruiting, hiring, training, and compensation.

A shorthand term for "heating, ventilating, and air conditioning."