Hotel Management Glossary

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There are currently 9 Glossary Items in this directory beginning with the letter J.
Job Breakdown
A specification of how each task on a job list should be performed.

Job Description
A list of tasks that an employee working in a specific position must be able to effectively perform.

Job List
A list of tasks that must be performed for a front office position.

Job Sharing
An arrangement by which two or more part-time employees share the responsibilities of one full-time position.

Job Specification
A list of the personal qualities judged necessary for successful performance of the tasks required by the job description.

Joining Rooms
Rooms with individual entrance doors from the outside and connecting door between. Guests can move between rooms without going through the hallway. (See also Connecting rooms)

Joint Venture
Partnership comprised of organizations such as corporations, governments,

Journal Form
An account recording format in which each entry includes a description of the affected account, the charge or payment entry, and the resulting account balance. Journal form is typically used for front office accounting documents.

Junior Suite
see Mini-Suite