Hotel Management Glossary

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There are currently 37 Glossary Items in this directory beginning with the letter L.
Short for Local Area Network. A communications network that connects computers and other terminals within a geographically limited area (typically within adjacent buildings or complexes). A LAN requires a LAN server and allows resources to be shared.

Hawaiian term for veranda; a room with a porch or balcony usually overlooking gardens or water.

Short for Last Available Rate (Corporate Clients).

Late Charge
A transaction requiring posting to a guest account that does not reach the front office until the guest has checked out and left the hotel.

Late Check-Out Fee
A charged imposed by some hotels on guests who do not check out by the established check-out time.

Laundry Par Levels
The amount of laundry in use, in process, and in storage. See also Par level.

Law of Demand
The concept of economics that recognizes, when supply is held constant, an increase in demand results in an increase in selling price. Conversely, with supply held constant, a decrease in demand leads to a decreased selling price.

Law of Supply
The concept of economics that recognizes, when demand is held constant, an increase in supply leads to a decreased selling price. Conversely, with demand held constant, a decrease in supply leads to an increased selling price.

A legal action in a court of law based upon a complaint that a person or company (hotel) failed to perform a required duty and that failure resulted in harm to the person filing the complaint.

Information about a prospect that is likely to buy from the hotel.

Lead Time
The sell-in time or materialization time of a group from the first request up to the arrival.

Leadership is the process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasks.

Leadership Style
The mix of attitudes and/or behaviors that a supervisor can use to direct the work of employees.

Least-Cost Routing
A feature of an active call accounting system that directs calls over the least costly available line, regardless of carrier.

A grouping of account.

Leisure Traveler
Those who travel primarily for personal reasons; these guests use private funds for travel expenses and are often sensitive to the prices charged.

Letter of Confirmation
A letter sent to a guest to verify that a reservation has been made and that its specifications are accurate.

The use of borrowed funds to increase purchasing power.

Debts owed by a business.

Legally bound to compensate for loss or injury.

Lien (The Right of)
The legal right of one party to retain or sell the property of another as security for or payment of a lawful claim of charges.

Light Baggage
Insufficient luggage in quantity or quality on which to extend credit; the guest pays in advance.

Limited-Service Hotel
A lodging property that offers no or very limited food services; sometimes a complimentary breakfast is served, but there is no table service restaurant see also Economy (Service) or Garni Hotel.

Line Departments
Hotel divisions that are in the "chain of command" and are directly responsible for revenues (such as front office and food/beverage) or for property operations (such as housekeeping and maintenance and engineering).

Those employees whose jobs are considered entry level or non- supervisory. These are typically positions where the employee is paid an hourly (rather than salary) compensation. Examples include positions such as guest service agents, room attendants, and food and beverage servers.

A generic term for the guest room sheets and pillowcases and tablecloths and napkins washed and dried in the laundry area.

A relationship between two Web sites. When Web site users select a link at one site, they are taken to another Web site address. An external link leads to a Web page other than the current one; an internal link leads elsewhere on the current page.

The process of suing someone for damages caused by a wrongful act.

Lobby Foodservices
A term describing the food services offered by many limited-service hotels.

A room status term indicating that the room has been locked so that the guest cannot re-enter until he or she is cleared by a hotel official.

Log Book
A journal in which important front office events and decisions are recorded for reference during subsequent shifts.

Short for Length-of-Stay.

Lost and Found Procedures
All items found in a lodging property to be deposited and controlled by the housekeeping department.

Lost Property
Personal property that has been unintentionally placed somewhere and is then forgotten about by the rightful owner.

Low Balling
Developing forecasts that are unrealistically conservative (low) for the express purpose of more easily achieving or exceeding them.

A deeply held commitment to re-buy or repatronize a preferred product or service consistently in the future. See CRM.

Life-time Value Per Available Room (Loyalty).